Candle Making Supplies

All the Supplies You Need for Candle Making:


Candle Wax:
Paraffin Blocks (hard & soft) $33.00 for 10 lb slab (made in U.S.A.)
Eco Soya Soy Pillar Blend $6.56 per lb
Eco Soya Soy Container Blend $6.56 per lb
Natural Beeswax pellets $22.00 per lb or $1.38 oz
Beeswax 1 lb block $15.00 each

Beeswax sheets $3.50 each

Candle Molds:

Metal Candle Molds in various shapes and sizes from $14.50 – $15.50
Candle Wicks:
Pre Tabbed Waxed Wicks in various sizes $0.25 each
Cotton, Flat Braided or Paper Core $0.80 per yard


Candle Dyes:
Dye Chips for $0.25 each


Other Candle making supplies include:
Wax melting pots $17.50 each
Thermometers $8.50 each
Mold sealer $3.50 per yard
Steric acid $0.50 per oz
Mold release $3.50 per bag
Wick tabs $0.20 each
Vybar $3.50 per bag
Fragrance oils: $6.50 per oz or $23.99 for a 4 oz bottle* (when in stock)
Essential oils: prices vary $6.75-$70.00 per bottle